ProjectWise Edge

Advanced Mobility to ProjectWise Content


ProjectWise Edge Mobile makes project information available from anywhere – the office, the site, and the field.  Leave your laptop and printed drawings in the office and never worry again if you have the current project documentation.  With ProjectWise Edge Mobile you enable real-time collaboration facilitating better communication, coordination and relationships with project team members.  
Deliver immediate access to engineering data from a trusted source in a project context, to keep the review process moving and contribute to design and construction processes. With information at your fingertips, you have streamlined access to everything you need to conduct design reviews, have construction meetings, plan maintenance work and surveying, or enable emergency response processes.
Gain productivity improvements enabling mobile project team members to access and manage project information for improved quality, reduced rework, and ensure project deadlines are met. 

ProjectWise Edge Capabilities


Capture and resolve issues
  • Streamline the capture and resolution of issues including punch lists. Capture notes with pictures and videos for effective collaboration with the project team.
Ensure quality
  • Securely access, content in a project context from a trusted source. Increase productivity and reduce rework by eliminating use of outdated files for improved quality deliverables.
Find drawings, documents, and models
  • In seconds find, review, navigate, and mark-up BIM models, 2D drawings, PDFs along with associated project documentation and reports.
Streamline design and construction reviews
  • Open, preview, interact and examine document properties to keep the approval process moving.