ProjectWise Design Integration

Comprehensive Worksharing and Collaboration Software
Gain instant access to the information you need, when you need it. Control your design files and engineering content, shorten approval cycles, and increase accountability with the enhanced collaboration that is required to decrease risk for comprehensive project delivery.
Engineers can spend as much as 40% of their days looking for and validating specific information and files. You and your team must be able to share and communicate information effectively to avoid project delays.  
  • Accelerate design worksharing: Collaboration results in good decisions, effective use of resources, and increased team productivity. Easily find and share the latest files, see the latest markups, and more.  
  • Connect and empower integrated teams: Remove geographic and technology boundaries to ensure everyone has current project information to make timely decisions.
  • Increase accountability: Fast responses keep project teams moving forward.  Put answers at your fingertips with automated workflows to keep people on task.
  • Reduce risk: Shorten approval cycles and resolve issues quickly with tightly integrated, multi-discipline work processes. Speed the exchange of project documents and preserve an accurate audit trail to prevent losing design information.

ProjectWise Design Integration CAPABILITIES


Automate engineering work-in-progress with quality controls
  • Avoid lost data, versioning issues, and delays from email, FTP, and other unmanaged exchanges. Create and manage engineering work-in-progress with increased reliability and traceability. With project information management, you will reduce risk of unauthorized access and eliminate redundant data.
Publish i-models and PDFs
  • Keep stakeholders informed with high-impact deliverables. Automatically publish data-rich content such as drawings, renderings, and 3D models as a common PDF or i-model appropriate for all audiences and devices. You will seamlessly integrate everyone into the project's review and markup workflows.
Collaborate with multi-disciplinary design teams
  • Streamline your design workflows with global worksharing and collaboration across your distributed design teams. Remove geographic and technology boundaries to ensure everyone can find, track, share, and reuse project information, engineering data, and communications for active team participation.
Coordinate engineering and design details with the extended team
  • Avoid punching a hole in your firewall or creating multiple, disconnected copies of the same information. Easily share information and control access with other organizations using a secure ProjectWise-to-ProjectWise connection for your joint-venture projects and extended team members.
Create and manage project, CAD, and industry standards
  • ​Enforce adherence to workflows, CAD and standards, including BS 1192. Use configurable rules engine creating dynamic, closed-loop reviews to manage progress against milestones, alert reviewers and deliver actionable data in context.
Create and manage specifications
  • ​Automate your specification tasks to evolve specs from simple text into dynamic engineering documents. You can update specifications at the source when information changes for ultimate control over versioning. Then publish custom versions based on trade, phase, or geography to streamline workflow.
Index features, databases, files, and documents by spatial location
  • ​Rely on indexing rather than data conversion. Manage, edit, index, and plot structured and unstructured data in its original form to save time and improve your data accuracy. The location is automatically deduced for files with inherent coordinate systems.
Integrate design application and manage dependencies
  • ​Share datasets in real-time across offices and understand the impact of changes made by others even when using your own discipline-specific application. You will improve project quality through automated management of complex dependencies and the countless components within models or projects.
Manage disconnected design workflows with enterprise spatial databases
  • ​Create, manage, and share business, CAD, and graphical GIS data with multi-discipline project teams regardless of their standard software preferences. Everyone can use their software of choice and still find and edit information in its original form directly from ProjectWise.
Navigate project data by spatial location
  • Find information related to a geographic area using an intuitive map interface. Simply define an area of interest and you can quickly view all associated information including drawings, documents, and photos for that area in a spatial index. Your security, workflows, and relationships remain intact.