ProjectWise Deliverables Management

Control critical documents with confidence
Save time and mitigate risk in your projects by automating, integrating, and codifying the processes surrounding transmittals, submittals, and RFIs. 


Consistently ensure your critical documents are submitted complete and processed on schedule by:
  • Developing accurate communications quickly, ensuring they reach the correct parties
  • Enabling faster reviews and responses, reducing the wait for critical answers
  • Automating your audit trail, increasing accountability with detailed recordkeeping
  • Connecting your entire supply chain quickly through a secure cloud platform
  • Leveraging project dashboards to monitor workflows and evaluate project performance

ProjectWise Deliverables Management CAPABILITIES


Create and manage RFIs
  • ​Accelerate your request for information (RFI) process to get issues resolved quickly. You can generate RFIs easily and route RFIs to the right individuals for response, clarification, or rejection with an automated approval process. An audit trail manages your RFI cycle from creation through close out.
Create, track, and manage transmittals
  • ​Automate your transmittal process for secure and accurate project execution. Create transmittals directly from engineering data to ensure you are working from current information. Alert appropriate individuals when transmittals are issued and track accountability as items are progressed.
Create, track, and manage submittals
  • ​Create and deliver your submittal packages in minutes instead of days. Draw attention to actionable items by issuing automated alerts to project recipients. Track the status of your submittals with color-coded indicators that help you identify workflow progress and expedite delays.
Gain project and contractor performance insights
  • ​See exactly how individuals and contractors are contributing on a project. Key performance indicators show the state of your deliverables and reveal bottlenecks. You will see exactly what action is required, and by whom. Then, measure project completion based on current progress and trends.