OpenUtilities PowerView

Utility Network GIS Software


Review, explore, and markup your network designs and maps with Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView. Speed review workflows with a streamlined, cost-effective application for managers to review, redline, and approve changes. Improve network management with reports and analysis such as network tracing and leak detection. Complete work orders faster by putting end-to-end network maps, equipment records, and markup tools at the fingers of field workers.


Enhance your network engineering, operations, and management when you pair Bentley OpenUtilities Map or Bentley OpenUtilities Designer with Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView.


  • Reduce costs with an affordable application for review, markup, and approval of network designs
  • Make faster and better decisions with network analysis and reporting tools to locate, review, and trace assets
  • Reduce operations losses with tools to analyze and locate pipe leaks
  • Increase the efficiency of technicians, inspectors, asset locators, and first responders with precise GIS data
  • Reduce truck rolls by helping field staff work smarter and faster with an easy-to-access network model
  • Ensure anytime, anyplace data review and capture with a workflow that does not require a live server connection

OpenUtilities PowerView Capabilities

Access utilities drawings, documents, models, and maps
  • Access detailed network data without the need for a design application. Employ a disconnected workflow to ensure data access without a server connection. Use or modify preconfigured, discipline-specific data models to view combined electric and gas or water and wastewater network data.
Analyze and visualize utilities networks
  • Use GIS tools to create buffers, overlays, joins, thematic maps, dynamic labels, reports, and queries. Perform radial, upstream/downstream, shortest/multiple/redundant path traces for flow, conduit, and cathodic protection networks. Analyze and report on leaks for an area or the entire network.
Review and redline network models and maps
  • Perform markups in the field or the office​​. Add notes, record actions, and depict as-built status on digital maps. Return redlines to engineering and mapping departments for increased network model precision. Review and redline from the field without a wireless connection.