Design and explore the unimaginable


Computational Design Software
Quickly explore a broad range of “what-if” alternatives for even the most complex buildings with GenerativeComponents computational design software. You can explore more possibilities in less time and efficiently create and manage complex geometry. By automating the design process, you can accelerate your design iterations. Pursue designs freer in form, so you can design and explore the unimaginable.


  • Computational models: Save time by making changes to your model without having to manually re-build the entire model
  • Multi-view: Play to your strengths and work within your preferred view of visual programming, geometric view, or transaction script
  • Interoperability: Integrate with building information modeling software to help you maintain consistent data exchange across applications

GenerativeComponents Capabilities


Create and manage complex geometric relationships
  • Control parametric object attributes and relationships between objects with ease. Explore alternative building forms without manually building the detail design model for each scenario.
Explore design alternatives
  • Facilitate the quick exploration of multiple designs. Discover more possibilities and explore a broad range of "what-if" alternatives in less time. Design with freedom and model anything of any form, size, and complexity without restrictions and limitations.
Integrate with building design and analysis software
  • Make informed decisions by integrating with Bentley’s building information modeling, analysis, and simulation software – AECOsim Building Designer. Obtain feedback on building materials, assemblies, systems performance, and environmental conditions. Enables designs to accurately and efficiently flow through to detailed production and fabrication.