The RAM Structural System Productivity Tool for Analysis and Design of Pile Caps, Spread Footings, and Continuous Footings


RAM® Foundation is an integrated module within the RAM Structural System that performs the design, evaluation, and analysis of spread, continuous, and pile-cap foundations. The RAM Foundation module will help you quickly produce optimum foundation designs for your entire structure based on a wide range of customizable design criteria and user options. With its interactive tools, you can refine your designs for both foundation dimensions and steel reinforcement. 

RAM® Foundation

One of the primary goals of RAM Foundation is to allow you to achieve foundation designs as quickly and easily as possible. RAM Foundation features an intuitive user interface, drastically reducing the overhead associated with a steep learning curve.


RAM Foundation automatically sizes footing dimensions and reinforcement using user specific design criteria and all relevant parameters from the RAM Structural System model. The program is not limited to performing design checks, which would require you to iteratively find an optimum footing design.


Once designed, your foundation calculations, details, and foundation plans are produced with just a few clicks of the mouse using the RAM customizable reports and dxf output capabilities. Imagine the impact of that kind of productivity

RAM® Foundation Capabilities

Analyze gravity and lateral load
  • Design and analyze simple or complex structures for a wide range of loading conditions, including those induced by gravity such as dead and live loads, including skip conditions, in combination with lateral loads including wind and seismic.
Comply with seismic requirements
  • Design and detail seismic force-resisting systems, generating seismic loads according to the relevant building code. Consider these forces in the design of elements and, where applicable, the design of frames and the larger structural system. Enforce the ductility requirements of the selected design code in element proportioning and detailing.
Design foundations to international standards
  • Design a wide variety of foundations, from simple spread footings to complicated mats and specialized machinery pads. Complete your designs with confidence thanks to extensive support of international standards.
Detail and schedule concrete reinforcing
  • Produce rebar placing drawings, including sections, plans, details, bar bending schedules, material take-offs and beam/column/footing schedules, all based on the 3D model. All schedules and drawings can be customized to adhere to your company’s standards for concrete projects.
Generate design loads and load combinations
  • Apply code-prescribed wind and seismic loads to the structure using built-in load generators. Calculate relevant loading parameters automatically based on the structural geometry, mass, and selected building code provisions without the need for separate hand calculations. Combine these lateral load cases with gravity and other types of loads using load combination generators.
Produce structural design documentation
  • Generate structural design documents including necessary plans and elevations that are used to convey the design intent. Changes made to the 3D model are automatically updated in the documentation.
Share structural models
  • Transfer structural model geometry and design results from one application to another and synchronize changes over time. Quickly share the structural model, drawings, and information with the entire team for review.
RAM® Foundation offers a broad range of user-specified criteria. You can customize the RAM Foundation environment for the specific needs of a project and use these settings as the default for future RAM Foundation designs.


The well known RAM View/Update command exists in RAM Foundation as well. Once an optimized design has been selected by the program you can change the footing dimensions, reinforcing, or material properties.