Detail Anything, Fabricate Everything


Steel Detailing and Fabrication Software


With ProSteel software you can efficiently create accurate 3D models for structural steel, metal work, and steel assemblies. You can then quickly generate design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules that automatically update whenever the 3D model changes. Additionally, detailed output to CNC machines automates the steel fabrication process.
ProSteel fully supports your construction and planning tasks for structural steel and metal work in a 3D modeling environment. Working with AutoCAD or MicroStation, you get an intuitive and integrated multi-material modeler perfectly suited to layout complex structures, produce shop drawings, assemble all your connections, and manage your bills of materials.


  • Quickly extract 2D drawings that automatically update when the 3D model changes.
  • Easily exchange information with other disciplines thanks to interoperability with other Bentley and third-party applications.
  • Efficiently create parametric assembly modeling for common objects such as steel stairs, handrails, and ladders.
  • Rapidly investigate multiple scenarios to provide the most economical options to your client.

ProSteel Capabilities


Design structural steel connections
  • Design and detail structural steel connections, including beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, brace end, and complex multi-member connections. Simplify the arrangement of plates, stiffeners, bolts, and welds with a comprehensive library of standard connection types. Easily compare the economy and practicality of connection scenarios.
Design to international standards
  • Extend the reach of your business practice and take advantage of global design opportunities by using a wide range of international standards and specifications in our design products. Complete your designs with confidence thanks to extensive support of international standards.
Model structural steel
  • Model structural steel shapes such as beams, columns, and braces, based on country-specific steel tables or user-defined shapes. Complete your steel design by modeling steel connections, either standard or custom, and automatically adjust based on the connecting members. Model comprehensive steel plate-work, including gusset plates and chute work.
Produce steel fabrication drawings
  • Produce drawings for every steel shape, connection, and plate-work from the 3D model. Easily create comprehensive single-part drawings including dimensions, notes, labels, and part lists. Customize drawings to adhere to your company’s standards for all your structural steel projects. Any out-of-date drawings are automatically updated based on changes to the 3D model.
Produce structural construction documentation
  • Produce construction documentation such as plans, sections, and details, all automatically linked to the 3D model. Changes made to the 3D model are automatically updated in the drawings. Easily manage changes and revisions to the model with automated flags on drawings that need to be reissued.
Produce structural design documentation
  • Generate structural design documents including necessary plans and elevations that are used to convey the design intent. Changes made to the 3D model are automatically updated in the documentation.
Produce structural details
  • Produce detailed 2D drawings directly from design results established in the structural model. Customize the style and format of the drawings using settings offered within the software.
Share structural models
  • Transfer structural model geometry and design results from one application to another and synchronize changes over time. Quickly share the structural model, drawings, and information with the entire team for review.
Track and rollback structural design changes
  • Manage design changes made to the 3D model, tracking revisions with optional descriptions and timestamps. At any time during the project, selected changes can be rolled back or undone. Explore multiple design scenarios, as well as recover quickly from modeling errors.
Utilize international section profiles
  • Complete your structural model using a vast array of international section profile databases, which are included at no extra charge. Take advantage of global design opportunities around the world.