OpenRoads ConceptStation

Conceptual Road Network Design Software


Jump-start your projects by rapidly creating conceptual designs and improving the decision-making process. OpenRoads ConceptStation offers roadway and bridge design capabilities to help road and land development engineers create intelligent models in context. Explore conceptual design options with real-world data and cost analysis to improve project results.
Combine data acquisition, reality modeling, and conceptual design to help identify high-cost and high-risk items in the preliminary and planning design stages of your infrastructure projects. 


Using OpenRoads ConceptStation, you can:


  • Assemble context data rapidly from a variety of sources, such as point clouds, 3D reality meshes, terrain data, images, and geospatial information to bring real-world settings
  • to your project. 
  • Simplify 3D modeling with easy-to-use engineering sketching capabilities to quickly conceptualize road and bridge infrastructure. 
  • Rapidly generate 3D layouts with associated project costs, and share with project teams and stakeholders to choose the best option.
  • Advance the approved 3D model to the detailed design phase to rapidly 
  • accelerate project delivery.      
  • Share realistic visualizations with the public and stakeholders to gather feedback, improve public engagements, and speed project approvals.

OpenRoads ConceptStation CAPABILITIES


Create conceptual designs
  • Generate multiple design scenarios with associated costs for better decision making. Quickly consider different design options to optimize road and bridge designs. Load your own historical bid tabulations to ensure realistic cost information.
Draw road and bridge designs
  • Draw roads, ramps, bridges, guardrails, street lights, and more in hours not days using engineering-friendly drawing capabilities. Ensure industry standards are adhered to in the design.
Incorporate contextual information
  • Jump-start the conceptual design process by locating and downloading data-rich context information for a given location to model in a real-world setting. You can readily import data from your GIS to create intelligent 3D models in context with minimal effort.
Render in real-time with cinematic quality
  • Create stunning photo-realistic visualizations in seconds using dynamic immersive visualization engine platform providing natural looking light and shadows, real-time global illumination, IES point and spotlights, lens flares, and luminous materials. Interactively adjust time of day, add lens flares, and apply depth of field while benefiting from highly accurate reflections, anti-aliasing, and motion blur.
Transition conceptual design to detailed design
  • Move your optimized conceptual design to the detailed design phase while maintaining geometric integrity. Ensure your digital model is utilized in OpenRoads for accelerated project delivery and better design quality.