Map 2D/3D Desktop GIS and Mapping Software

Create, maintain, analyze, and share your geospatial, engineering, and business information in a powerful, yet familiar MicroStation environment. Work confidently with engineering-quality GIS to produce quality maps and unify disparate 2D/3D data.
  • Eliminate disparate data and improve interoperability (Oracle Spatial, Esri File Geodatabase, Esri SHP files, Microsoft SQL Server Spatial, i-models, Bing Maps, and more).
  • Save time and eliminate rework with engineering-accurate object creation, editing, and mapping tools. 
  • Use a strong yet flexible application program interface (API) for developing custom GIS applications. 
  • Increase productivity and improve decision making by giving field personnel fast access from a tablet with the Bentley Map Mobile app.
Because every user has different needs and requirements, Bentley Map is offered in various versions.
  • Bentley Map
  • Bentley Map PowerView
  • Bentley Map Enterprise
  • Bentley Map Mobile

Map Capabilities:


Capture existing context in 3D
  • ​Integrate engineering data, survey data, point clouds, and digital imagery to create and update highly accurate 3D city information models and databases. Automatically create 3D reality meshes of cities.
Conduct 2D and 3D spatial analysis
  • Analyze data with tools for buffering, overlays, thematic maps, and 3D clash detection. Perform shadow and solar analysis.
Develop custom GIS applications
  • Create your own custom GIS application, tailored to your needs. The software is designed with a remarkable degree of flexibility and has an extensive API supporting custom development using C/C++, C#, .NET and other modern programming languages. The kit includes extensive documentation and samples.
Incorporate data in native Esri formats
  • Improve interoperability by incorporating data in native Esri formats. Import, export, or reference Esri SHP files. Connect and perform direct transactions with File Geodatabase.
Incorporate geospatial data from spatial databases
  • View and import Web Feature Service (WFS) data directly. Access, update, and manage spatial data stored in Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL Server, and Esri File Geodatabase in a seamless and intuitive way.
Maintain 3D city models
  • ​Edit, maintain, and manage your 3D city model data including unstructured and structured data such as geospatial, architectural, and engineering designs, point clouds, and reality meshes. Seamlessly integrate with enterprise spatial databases such as Oracle Spatial and SQL Server Spatial.
Manage geospatial information
  • ​Overcome the challenge of managing, collaborating on, and sharing geospatial and related data in a federated environment by combining map-based interface with project, document, and workflow management capabilities. Navigate and retrieve content based on specific locations in a controlled and secure way.
Manage land information and records
  • ​Optimize your land information management with federated geospatial data management, open spatial databases, and 2D and 3D parcel management for land registration, information, and tax purposes.
Model geospatial objects
  • Create intelligent geospatial objects with advanced 2D and 3D design productivity innovations using interactive snapping tools. Use tools for dimensioning, annotation, raster display, printing, publishing, and much more.
Produce animations and renderings
  • Secure stakeholder buy-in by producing realistic movies and simulations from design, construction, and operational models. Choose from keyframe and time-based animation. Get the results you want, faster, using live on-screen animation previews and distributed network processing. Create lifelike visualizations and access online and delivered libraries of physically correct materials, lighting, and rich photorealistic content.
Produce cartographic maps
  • ​Author and publish high quality, accurate cartographic and thematic maps. Create multiple pages in map books with borders and populated fields, dynamic labeling and text placement, grid and graticule generation, drop shadows, halo effects, and high fidelity printing and publishing.