Map Mobile

Mobile Mapping App for Tablets


Reduce errors and improve outcomes with in-field access to the up-to-date information you depend on to do your job well. 
  • Access your geospatial, engineering, and business data from the field.  
  • Use query tools to quickly find data.
  • Locate assets with GPS-enabled features and driving directions.
  • Access your database from anywhere, even without a network connection.
  • Mark up your data with easy to use redline tools.
  • Transfer markups back to the office using Bentley CONNECT or ProjectWise.
Bentley Map Mobile is currently available in the Google Play Store for use on Android tablets, in the Apple App Store for iPad tablets, and in the Bentley SELECT Software Fulfillment Center for 64-bit Windows 7, 8, and 10 desktops, notebooks and touch enabled tablet devices. It requires the use of Bentley Map Mobile Publisher to publish next-generation i-models from Bentley Map Enterprise, Bentley Map, Bentley Utilities Designer, and Bentley’s Communications products.  Bentley Map Mobile is free to download but requires a Bentley CONNECT login for use.

Map Mobile Capabilities:


Access maps and geospatial information on field devices
  • Provide fast access to up-to-date enterprise data to thousands of mobile workers where and when they need it. In-field access to critical information saves time, improves your bottom line, and maintains your competitive edge.
Get GPS driving directions
  • Produce driving directions to the​​ selected facility or feature location from an interface to Google Maps or Apple Maps. Eliminate the need to carry and activate your alternate GPS device.
Navigate maps by touch
  • Use intuitive touch gestures to perform tasks on a tablet quickly and conveniently. Increase ease-of-use in the field by using pinch to zoom and eliminate traditional input devices such as a mouse, which is cumbersome in the field.
View and query spatial data
  • Quickly locate facilities and features with the ability to view and query data in multiple ways. Locate features based on their attribute information with free text searches or search features using the Visible Area tool.