Map Mobile Publisher

iWare for Publishing Geospatial Data for Field Use


Produce next generation i-models with Bentley Map Mobile Publisher iWare software. 
  • Customize your published features from your Bentley Map projects. 
  • Control which properties should be indexed for free text searching. 
  • Store all of your geometry and properties from your map project as well as scale-based display information, geocoordinate data, and more.
Bentley Map Mobile Publisher works with Bentley Map Enterprise, Bentley's Communications applications and Bentley OpenUtilities to read and publish Bentley Map projects to your tablet with Bentley Map Mobile.

Map Mobile Publisher Capabilities:


Generate Bentley Map i-models
  • Produce compact yet scalable i-models including geometry, geo-coordinate data, and other properties from Bentley Map projects. Deploy at various levels from desktop to enterprise level with ProjectWise.